Michelle Sheils

Client Engagement Consultant, Capita Integrated business solutions

Michelle is part of  Capita’s Integra Financial Services Software team, helping customers save time and money using robotic automation to streamline tasks. Michelle specialises in optimising the purchase to pay processes and helping customers integrate best practice into their financial processes.


Session Details

Streamlining Purchase-to-Pay by Using Catalogue Procurement Models

With an increasing need for flexible and mobile finance solutions how can you keep your purchasing process future-proof and able to cope with constantly changing requirements?
In this session, we discuss how catalogue procurement models helps automate, accelerate and simplify Purchase to Pay, and may be the missing link in your procurement process.

By attending this session you will:

> Learn how to catalogue procurement software builds collaborative supplier relationships
> Understand how catalogue procurement models reduce rouge spending and increase compliance
> Gain insight into how catalogue and purchase-to-pay analytics can help you make better business decisions