Martin Rich

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Future Fit Business

Martin Rich is a sustainability and impact investment specialist, with over 20 years experience in both mainstream and social investment.

Prior to co-founding Future-Fit Foundation, Martin spent 7 years as Sales Director at Social Finance, where he focused on developing the investor base for social impact investments. Before that he worked for 13 years in international investment banking on structured debt and derivative products for JP Morgan, HSBC and UBS.

Martin has a passion for sustainable development and poverty relief. He is a Non-Exec Director and Chair of the Endowment Investment Committee of Access Foundation, sits on the Investment Committee for Panahpur Foundation and the Assets & Liabilities Committee for the Social Investment Business, and is a member of Christian Aid’s “In Their Lifetime” Campaign Directorate. He is also a former member of the Asset Allocation Working Group for the G8 Social Investment Task Force.

Martin holds a double-Masters in Engineering from Queens’ College, Cambridge.


Workshop Details

Making Procurement Fit for the Future

Part 1: The Evolving Socioeconomic Context, and What This Means to Your Business

Part 2: What This Means for the Future of Procurement, and What You Can Do About It

Trends in environmental and social sustainability are changing the way businesses operate, and how they approach procurement (lowering carbon footprints, applying Modern Slavery Act). Learn how companies can get ahead of the curve with insights on where these trends are heading, and learn what global brands are doing in response

Benefits of attending these workshops:

> Understand the evolving societal, economic and environmental context your company is now facing
> Hear what some leading global brands are doing in response
> Learn what you can do to anticipate and address the changes that are coming