Ilija Ugrinic

Director, Proactis

Ilija has been assisting leading organisations within the area of Spend Control and eProcurement for the past 14 years. He has been helping customers of the calibre of Debenhams, P&O Ferrymasters and Screwfix Direct to achieve proven, tangible benefits through a consultative led approach of combining performance benchmarking, innovative software solutions and process best practice.

At Proactis, Ilija is the Group Commercial Director and works closely with customers, prospects and strategic partners to promote Proactis solutions and services across the entire spectrum of Spend Control and eProcurement.

Proactis has continued to rapidly grow to become one of the global market leaders for Spend Control and eProcurement, driving proven cost reduction, process efficiency, compliance and governance for organisations around the world with innovative solutions and services.


Session Details

Tail-Spend Management: Extracting Savings and Improving Control from the Most Fragmented of Spend

In this session, we’ll explore the different types of tail-spend, such as misclassified items, low price-high frequency items, maverick spend, etc. We’ll look at the typical challenges faced when tackling tail-spend and the strategies and tools needed for extracting savings so you can achieve:

> Tangible cost savings
> Better visibility of where you spend money
> A reduction in maverick and off-contract buying
> Reduced invoice processing costs
> A reduction in the time needed to manage suppliers

By attending this session you will:

> Discover the typical challenges that prevent tail-spend being effectively managed
> Learn about solutions and strategies that are available to extract potential savings
> See how you can implement an approach to deliver a variety of benefits in this challenging area