Bastiaan van Drempt

Director, Coact Consulting Group

After 16 years with Goldman Sachs, Bastiaan van Drempt is the Director of Coact Consulting Group.

Coact Consulting Group is a business transformation consultancy focused on enabling strategic partnerships.

Bastiaan has deep, diverse and global commercial experience in development, management and delivery of large scale business transformation initiatives.

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Session Details

How Businesses Can Find Technology to Innovate Their Business Models

Digital Transformation impacts every sector, industry and country. The digital landscape covers topics such as Cloud Technology, Advanced Analytics, Blockchain and Internet of Things. Enterprises must embrace new technologies to innovate their business models to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. Let’s navigate Digital Transformation without opening Pandora’s box.

Benefits of attending this session include:

> Guiding principles to govern (digital) business transformation
> Exemplary Integrated Governance Framework
> Outline commercial benefits of using this structure