Craig Brewin

Head of Commissioning, Slough Borough Council

Craig Brewin is currently Head of Commissioning at Slough Borough Council, having previously worked as an Assistant Director in a number of London Boroughs and a County Council.  He is both CIPFA and CIPS qualified and has worked in both Finance and Procurement Departments.

Craig was also a finalist in this year’s CIPS Procurement and Supply Professional of the Year.

For over 20 years now he has worked primarily in Education, Social Care and Public Health, working in partnership with subject matter experts to develop  innovative commercial, commissioning, performance  and resource management models to support policy objectives and to support better outcomes for those who need care and support.

Craig has spoken at, and presented evidence to parliamentary committees, and provided input to a government task force.  He has written for a variety of publications on strategic and commercial issues including Local Government Chronicle.

Craig’s initiatives have covered service specific projects and partnership based procurement, commissioning and efficiency programmes at large organisations such as the West London Alliance and Essex County Council. His work has covered a whole range of new legislative requirements, and has helped to address the growing demand for services, and improved measurable outcomes, in a climate of  highly constrained financial resources.


Session Details

Outcome Based Procurement and Contract Management

The Care Act requires Adult Social Care to encourage innovation within the market, and move towards outcome based commissioning and contract management. Slough Borough Council has developed a value based procurement model to support this requirement and the workshop will include this model and examples of its successful implementation.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • It shows how procurement tools benefit the wider organisation
  • It shows the importance of value in public sector procurement
  • It presents an easily adaptable model