The University of Bristol’s head buyer has told of how she turned around procurement to make savings.

Anj Cooke arrived at the university in August 2014 to head up a new procurement department, responsible for the purchase of goods and services. She said the department was in need of a “refresh, realignment and rejig” around category management and its e-tendering tools.

Cooke set about creating an operational strategy, reached out to internal stakeholders and developed her team with the aim of making the department a strategic part of the university. “I needed to look at standard documents, I needed to look at my resources, I needed to look at coms.”

Speaking at eWorld in London, Cooke said she started by taking stock of what she had inherited and made both a short-term plan – “What I’m going to do now to change it” – and a longer-term strategy. A lot of the initial changes were operational, “however you’ve got to put those foundations in, in order to make it tick,” she said.

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